Can you have a comfortable life with dentures?

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What if your dentist recommends that you should have dentures? You may be nervous at first and fail to understand what to expect. Change is inevitable, especially in this scenario where your mouth is involved. You are not alone. These cases have been reported for many years, and there is no need to worry. The tips listed in this article will help you build on your confidence and adjust to life with dentures.

Age is not a factor

Whether in your early 20’s or late 40’s, dentures should never bring you down. You can still have the peculiar smile that you had as a teenager. Dentures aren’t easily noticed by other parties. Dentures can also resemble your natural teeth. Many people lose multiple teeth and go for either partial or full denture. It means that several people in your age circa have the same issue. Dentures can be necessary at any given age in order to prevent any further teeth loss. Take the transition positively and do not lay blame on age.

Are you experiencing difficulty when eating and talking?

Yes, you may be, especially in the first few days. As any healing process, dentures also need time. This is a normal occurence. Do not despair when you feel pain while eating. Choose soft or mashed food. You may also consider many fluids in your diet. In the case of a party, ensure that you let the chefs know your condition. Do not take in food that will affect the dentures’ healing process. In case you notice some “click” sound while talking to people, speak slower.

What about when you are laughing and coughing?

Do your dentures occasionally slip when you cough or laugh? Do you feel agitated when trying to communicate with your peers? Do not panic. Bite down and swallow something in order to reposition your dentures. This will prevent the dentures from slipping. A denture adhesive may also come in handy in this case. The denture adhesive keeps the dentures in their right place, giving you an easy time while laughing and coughing. It also ensures that you are comfortable, since other people may not realize your dentures. Consider the best option among the two. Consult a prosthodontist or dentist if the issue persists.

Should they know?

You may fear to tell your friends about the dentures experience. Some of them may scold you and make you feel uncomfortable. However, this should not deter you from having a fulfilling life. Be free, and let them understand how you feel. They will be impressed when they realize that you are comfortable with your new life and look. You will also have fewer self-image issues while associating with other people. This will give you an easy way to convey any information to other interested parties.

Why should you then dread your new life with dentures? Build confidence and you will feel comfortable with them in due time. Once you adhere to the given advice, your life will, therefore, be interesting.

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